Brown and Sharpe Machine - CMM coordinate measuring systems, surface grinders, and CNC screw machine made by Brown and Sharpe

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Brown & Sharpe
World Headquarters - USA
Factory/Precision Center

200 French Road
North Kingstown, RI 02852

Phone: (401) 886 2000        Fax: (401) 886 2553



Brown and Sharpe is a Subsidiary of the Hexagon Group. Brown & Sharpe is a leading producer of coordinate measuring systems. Their world headquarters is in North Kingstown, RI. Brown & Sharpe serves the measurement needs of industrial companies around the globe.

They manufacture a variety of coordinate measuring systems (CMMs), from benchtop and articulated arm manual CMMs, to high speed DCC scanning machines, gantries, shop floor measuring robots and horizontal arm CMMs complete with metrology software, probes and accessories.

Brown & Sharpe Coordinate Measuring Machines include:
    • Vertical CMMs for guaranteeing Process Control and Gage Certification
    • Gantry CMMs that allow large of Precision Manufactured parts to be gaged accurately
    • Shop Floor CMMs Thin Wall to assure realtime Process Control at the machine tool
    • Shop Floor CMMs Prismatic Tools to assure realtime Process Control at the machine tool
    • CMM Software Tools that provide complete evaluations of all manufactured parts
    • Precision Measuring Instruments: Micrometers, calipers, height gages, indicators and shop tools
Brown and Sharpe previously sold surface grinders, screw machines, and BSM pumps. They no longer sell these products. For any correspondence regarding these items contact the following:

Surface grinders:
Micromaster, Techmaster, Valuemaster, Univ & Tools
Call B&S Grinding (Devlieg) 1-800-759-0100 ext. 2235

Screw Machines:
Ultramatic, OG, OOG, Turret Lathe, PTC, CNC
Call B&S Screw Machines (Dover) 1-800-753-3345

BSM Pump:
Pumps, Solenoid, Hydraulic Valves
Call BSM Pumps (1 800-283 3600)

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